Become a Vendor

The Coffeeprops Team is always looking for unique products that are quality and that are designed to enhance the life of the coffee enthusiast. Coffeeprops generally holds products on the front store for 3 months. Thereafter, they are placed in the archive store.  If you feel your product(s) might qualify, fill out the application below to be considered.

Here Is How The Setup Works

  1. We select up to 3 items from your store (I’ll send you a separate email with the selected items we’d like to curate from you).
  2. You get us the photos and SKU information.
  3. We put them in our Shop for approx 3 months. After that, the products go into an archive store where you are housed for those who want what you sell later. The reason we are only curating a few items and changing them out every few months is to keep the mobile experience quick and fresh.

Once Someone Buys Your Product, Here’s How It Works:

  1. Buyer purchases the product
  2. You receive an email alert to fulfill your portion of the order (think drop shipping)
  3. We receive payment which is fully tracked through your vendor login
  4. Once you ship the item you provide us with the tracking number
  5. We pay out your commission, less our fee*, after enough time has passed to verify the item was received and the customer had no problems

(* We are waiving our fee for now. We are just now gathering demographics before we set the rate)

What About Shipping?

  • We only allow for items to be shipped within the contiguous US
  • We need your most expensive shipping cost per item, we then bake that into the single price the buyer has to deal with. This makes the purchasing much easier and improves conversions (nobody likes when shipping costs get added in the cart).

What About Limited Quantity Items?

  • Not a problem we can set a stock number in the store, which can also be changed by you at anytime, so you can’t oversell. The customer will be alerted on the product page if the stock drops below 5 so it builds urgency

Become a Vendor

  • We will use this to contact you so make sure you check it
  • We will use this email to send notifications of products sold, it can be changed by you at any time in your vendor account portal
  • Let us know what product or products you would be interested in selling on Coffeeprops and also if you have limited inventory or a longer than 3 business day turn around on shipping. This doesn't mean we won't choose you but we need to know these things ahead of time
  • Don't be shy, let us know why you think your product or products would sell to our membership base
    (We can't pay out your commission unless we can verify the customer received the product so providing valid tracking information on your shipments is non-negotiable)